Blank Space STL

Bar+Venue+ Gallery+Cafe+Bookstore+Infinity + 2847 CHEROKEE ST ST LOUIS, MO, 63118 BLANKSPACESTL@GMAIL.COM

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Blank Space

(Blank) Space is an open community (arts) space at 2847 cherokee street. we are at once a gallery + venue + cafe + studyhall + bookstore + recordshop + teahouse + infinity. 

we serve tea, coffee, cocktails, beer, food, and a variety of retail items. our intention is that the space evolves daily with the participation of our neighbors and patrons. we're serious about that. we collaborate with anyone that's got a good use for the space. dialogue and interchange and creating a safe and accessible space are among our innumerable goals. come talk to us and meet people from across the earth.

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