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Black Cinema Club

Black Cinema Club is a monthly gathering held on the first Sunday of every month for those with an appreciation for film and black culture.

Each month we'll show a film significant to the black experience: culturally, socially, and/or politically. There will be a post-screening discussion that digs into the synopsis, themes, and subject matter of the film.

Think of it as a book club...but with movies.


September's Feature:
"The Central Park Five"
Directors: Ken Burns, Sarah Burns & David McMahon

The documentary “The Central Park Five” revisits two New York nightmares. The first and most famous was the rape and beating of a 28-year-old white woman who, very early on April 20, 1989, was found in Central Park bound, gagged, nearly naked and nearly dead, her head crushed and shirt soaked in her blood. For years she was known only as the Central Park jogger, and her assailants were widely thought to be the five black and Latino teenagers, 14 to 16, who were arrested in the attack. The directors Ken Burns, David McMahon and Sarah Burns argue that the convictions, and the years the defendants served for the crime they were later absolved of, were a second, racially motivated crime. (via The New York Times)

Later Event: September 6

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