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Wilde: Blood Sweat and Queers

Hey you tom and jerries, thizz is the ticket you've been waiting for. #GutterGlitter's monthly queer dance party is back at #BlankSpace this month. A sweaty dance floor, music that makes you feel open and alive, moments of ritual and theatrical antics, friendly sexy people in silly looks, a delicious bar and hopefully moments of transcendence.

$5 get's you in all night. Movies will be playing on the big screen while we dance. 18+!

Many of us come from places of fear and shame, feeling alone in the places we grew up. Our underground parties bring the creatures of the night together in a close, visceral way. When our bodies and souls dance together under the moonlight we feel so connected together in ecstasy that we forget all the sadness and loneliness. That positive, inclusive and spiritual energy is unique to our parties and is a direct reflection of the warm personalities of ourselves and all the artists involved, a unique blend of embracing scenes, giving good vibes and sexy beats.

Calling all femmes, homosexual womyn, butches, dykes, lesbians, trans girls, bi kids, cross dressers, queer folx, tuff femmes, soft butches, sassy fatties, qtpoc cuties, trans dykes, riot grrls, sissy bois, lipstick lesbians, bull daggers, crystal witches, scissor sisters, poly divas, sapphic lovers, sexy studs, big brown beavers, power switches, timid tops, bossy bottoms, pillow queens, makeout sluts, silver foxes, flannel hunx, chubby hotties, sister wives, shy guys, gender queers, power suits, leather mommies, hairy bearbies, gay dandies, fags, softball teams and all of our pals!

Had enough of going to events where we just don't feel safe or fit in with the crowds? We throw events for US.

DJ Jillian will be rocking us out in styyyyyyle until 1am.

Black Lives Matter
Trans Lives Matter
Deal with it.

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