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Black Cinema Club

Black Cinema Club is a monthly gathering held on the first Sunday of every month for those with an appreciation for film and black culture.

Each month we'll show a film significant to the black experience: culturally, socially, and/or politically. There will be a post-screening discussion that digs into the synopsis, themes, and subject of the film.

Think of it as a book club...but with movies.


April's Feature:

Starring: Barry White, Scatman Crothers, Philip Michael Thomas & Charles Gordone
Director: Ralph Bakshi

Coonskin [is] a mix of live action and animation, starring Barry White and actor/playwright Charles Gordone as two guys who rush to help out a friend, who’s just escaped from prison (Phillip Michael Thomas… remember him?), but are trapped by police in a shootout after a cop is killed by White..

While he’s waiting for his friends to get themselves out of their predicament, Thomas is told several stories by a fellow escapee (Scatman Crothers), presented in animation, about how Brother Rabbit, Brother Bear and Preacher Fox rose to the top of the criminal world in Harlem. (via IndieWire)

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