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Building the Socialist Movement in 2016

A Community Discussion, Free and Open to the Public

The 2016 US presidential campaign is now in full swing and its key lesson so far is that, despite the avalanche of money from the super-rich, the huge anger of working people and big sections of the middle class at the establishment is finding expression. In the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders – a self-declared democratic socialist whose call for a “political revolution” against the billionaire class has excited hundreds of thousands – is building a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton. 

Sanders’ campaign is part of an international trend, including the rise of Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain and Jeremy Corbyn’s dramatic ascendancy to the leadership of the British Labour Party. In all these cases, sections of the working class and youth have been looking for a way to push back against austerity, neo-liberalism and to break up the established political order. Like Corbyn, Sanders’ campaign has also led to a surge of interest in socialism.

How will we actually achieve the bold progressive demands that have galvanized people into action? What does a real political revolution against the billionaires look like?

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