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SOE Presents: Wave Chapelle w/ Lucien Parker & Satori [at] Blank Space

Blank Space & Strange Oasis Entertainment Present: 

The #NextGenTour featuring Wave Chapelle w/ Special Guests Lucien Parker & Satori

SHOW 9PM // Tickets $8


Everything authentic. That is the tag line hip hop artist Wave Chappelle chooses to live by. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.. Wave is determined to be a staple in the hip hop world.At the age of 13, Wave moved to Memphis to be with his father where he learned about recording and the core business structure of a rap career. “My dad made me feel like it was attainable.” Wave returned to Milwaukee for high school which became a pivotal moment that ignited his desire to pursue hip hop more relentlessly.Now that Wave has relocated to Memphis, TN to make a stake and claim on conscious hip hop. He is not a typical rapper romanticizing a life of violence, drugs, and promiscuity. There is much more to this Milwaukee native than you might think. He is similar to the Mac-11 in the way he delivers his verbal ammunition. Once he starts spitting he is very difficult to control, lyrically firing gems that hit you unexpectedly. Wave is similar to is akin to a great painter, using his words as the paintbrush that imprints onto the palette of your mind. Every word is tailored exactly to paint a picture for the audience so they can see what I’m writing about. A prolific wordsmith who writes every lyric of his songs, here is a man who knows not only what he wants to tell the world, but how. Asked what inspires him, Wave says “I’m inspired by everything….my family, the situations I face, the people in my neighborhood, those who didn’t make it, and those who are successful.”


Lucien Parker is a Hip-Hop artist from the South Side of Minneapolis. He is a young, eager, ambitious artist who captures a melodic sound backed up by his driving baritone. Lucien has always had an interest in storytelling even before he spit his first verse. He strongly believes that his mission is to create music that will help liberate his culture from commodification. Lucien believes music can heal the soul but only if it is written from the writer’s own soul. Growing up a Black kid in a middle class neighborhood he was made aware of the stereotypes imposed on African American people as portrayed by the media today. Lucien says, “Music is a tool that can be used to change the world. It can be used as a platform to help eradicate a system that is hell bent on trapping people of color. I may only be a piece of the puzzle, but I will continue to make music that will continue to uplift my children, and their children after them transcending the boundaries of time and place.” Lucien released his debut EP “Hip-Hop therapy” in September of 2014 which helped catapult him into the rap industry. Since then he has been featured artist on various blogs and tracks around the Midwest and he recently partnered with Strange Oasis Entertainment, LLC. Lucien released his second EP “Take A Breath” in November 2015. 


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