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Golden Pelicans (FL) / Bib (NE) / Wet Ones (KC) / Lumpy & The Dumpers / Black Panties

GOLDEN PELICANS - new LP on TOTAL PUNK RECORDS. Orlando rockin n rollin classic punx. Total Punks playing total punk for those who are totally punk.

BIB - omaha - new band, ripping hardcore from the ever fertile nebraska. remember Q? ME NEITHER ANYMORE!!!

WET ONES - kansas city - garage lords from the west coast of missouri. hoe you like to rage and pogo and throw beer and get hit a little too hard and check your lip to see if you're still bleeding before returning to rage mode. gonna need to brush your hair after this one.

LUMPY & THE DUMPERS - TOTAL PUNK RECORDS slime lords from STL, MO. catch em now while they still play local shows!!

BLACK PANTIES - TOTAL PUNK RECORDS - single out on TP 10/20. performing for the first time in a while with his new band "His Magic Band".

$8 at the door
cheap drinks
no jerks
jerks only

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